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Dashboard programming, data & maps: Cédric Moro

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- Map Tiles: OpenStreetMap Contributors. Licence
- UMap: Yohan Boniface.
Country comparaison: Franck Awounang Nekdem.
- NCoVAfrica Data: Cédric Moro, Ministries of health of african countries, press releases, reports of contributors on Twitter,
AfricaCDC, WHO, Govt websites and social medias accounts.

Versions :
V4.6 New cases and number of days since last reported case per regions
V4.5 Correction of the countries daily curves of cases with a moving average of 7 days (d-3;d+3).
V4.4 Countries daily curves of cases with moving average of 7 days.
V4.3 Integration of the number of tests per countries from Africa CDC OpenData
V4.2 New tables of stats on the home page (Daily records, Most affected regions/countries)
V4.1 New stats per zone of Africa (Eastern, Central, Southern, Western, Northern)
V4 New Home page
V3.5 Counter of cases to be integrated in any website with html code (on demands)
V3.4.3 Cases per Regions integrated in a table of the country
V3.4.2 Cases per Regions integrated in the country map via Geojson
V3.4.1 Cases per Regions via CSV file
V3.4 Map of cases per Regions
V3.3 Fix Internet Explorer only: Bug js on main menu of cases (below the logo)
V3.2 Country comparaison programmed by Franck Awounang Nekdem
V3.1 Active cases map
V3 Thematic maps, daily bars for Africa, end of the menu national or local data, more details per countries
V2.2.1 Several Curves per country
V2.2 Table with details per country
V2.1.2 CSV Export : ID_UNISO have been updated for South Sudan and Sudan
V2.1.1 CSV Export : Change of a column name 'COUNTRY NAME' (COUTRY NAME)
V2.1 CSV local and national data
V2 Data on HCW and improved admin user
V1.9 Improving and the board on the left
V1.8 New logo
V1.7 National map + list of last reports
V1.6 Date last update + refresh map
V1.5 Credits - Warning on refresh
V1.4 Refresh map + menu
V1.3 Zoom auto on the map to the selected country
V1.2 Add epidemic curve per country
V1.1 boards : ncov & WHO
V1.0 Dashboard + map + epidemic line per database