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Cédric Moro
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- Confirmed cases
Dead cases
- Recovered cases
- HCW cases
- HCW dead cases
- Tests
- Gender
- Age groups (new)

- Cases

- Confirmed cases
- Confirmed HCW
- Dead cases
- Response
- Urgent needs
- Lab (!)
▷ Credits

Dashboard programming, data, maps & concept:
Cédric Moro - Major hazards consultant

Programming: Technical advisors: Logo:
Twitter contributors (SitRep sharing / Collect Data ): NCoVAfrica Data (pure African Data):
  • Ministries of health of african countries
  • African press releases
  • AfricaCDC
  • WHO
  • Govt websites and social medias accounts.
UMap: Yohan Boniface.
Map Tiles: OpenStreetMap Contributors.

Warnings / Avertissement

[En] We regretfully inform you that we can no longer keep reporting daily covid19 data in Africa on this platform.
Our sincere acknowledgements to all the actors who contributed to the project.

[Fr] Nous sommes au regret de vous informer que nous ne pouvons plus continuer à alimenter la plateforme de reporting quotidien des données sur le covid19 en Afrique. Merci à tous ceux qui ont soutenu ce projet.

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